RPK Group we are part of Robotekin

RPK Group we are part of Robotekin

Robotekin, Basque Robotics and Automation Association, is born with the collaboration of 30 founding members, including RPK Group


On Thursday, 30 March, it took place the founding assembly of Basque Robotics and Automation Association – ROBOTEKIN” the first robotics and automation hub in the Basque Country, founded by thirty private and public companies and entities, including RPK Group. The association, supported by the Provincial Council of Alava and the Basque Government, aims to become the core of the Basque robotics and automation ecosystem, promote technology transfer in the region and contribute to the promotion of a new digital and sustainable industrial model that boosts our competitiveness.

The hub, located in the Alava Technology Park, already has its first governing body, consisting of Emilio Titos (former director of Mercedes-Benz Vitoria) as president, Víctor Mayoral (Acceleration Robotics and Alias Robotics) as vice president, and David Montero (BIC Araba) as secretary and treasur

Robotekin Management Team

In early February, the final step was taken to found this association, in a meeting that tested the involvement of the founding members in the creation of Robotekin. “Undoubtedly, the founding entities are the best endorsement that Robotekin can have to position Alava and the Basque Country as a destination for talent, investment, and quality employment that will boost the competitiveness of our economic fabric. Our territory is the most industrialized in the state, and its enormous weight has a direct reflection on the great economic and labor stability that we enjoy, representing an optimal situation to lead innovative economic development” said the Deputy General of Alava, Ramiro González.

Among the objectives of Robotekin is to strengthen ties with similar ecosystems in the international arena, seeking collaborations and synergies. In addition, the association will promote and support startups, and work with educational and training entities to adapt their itineraries to market needs.

The profiles of Robotekin pioneers are six:

End users:

  • RPK Group
  • Michelin
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Tubacex
  • Tubos Reunidos
  • Gestamp
  • Eroski


  • AVS Added Value Solutions
  • Kuka
  • SMC


  • Argolabe
  • Automach Ingeniería
  • Bereiker Automatización Industrial
  • Iruña Automation
  • MB Sistemas
  • SDT | Sankyo Desarrollos Técnicos
  • Solid Machine Vision

Knowledge and Training Centers:

  • UPV/EHU Universidad del País Vasco
  • Universidad de Deusto
  • Mondragon Unibertsitatea
  • Ikaslan Araba
  • Ikerlan
  • Fundación CTA


  • Acceleration Robotics
  • Alias Robotics
  • EGA Solutions


  • Diputación Foral de Álava
  • BIC Araba
  • Grupo SPRI
Founding Members of Robotekin Association and Hub of Robotics and Automation of Euskadi

RPK Group is proud to be part of this hub as part of our firm commitment to the development and use of new technologies, alongside top-level partners to improve our competitiveness and be a global reference.

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