Bus bar

High-performance power distribution

The rapid growth of electrical solutions pushes demand for bus bar manufacturers to record levels

At RPK Group we are experts in different manufacturing technologies such as precision stamping, bending and CNC Multi-Slide forming, to design bus bar from the point of view of a better cost-effective solution. These technologies enable us to provide the multi-axis bending, forming, and twisting profiles that are needed for numerous continuous power connections required in today’s tightly spaced, high-performance power distribution systems. Our engineers help you minimize material waste and reduce product costs.

Our flexible manufacturing process ensures consistent, reliable connections, even under vibration. Many design factors, including material thickness, surface cleanliness, and plating thickness, contribute to the performance of our bus bar. We can precisely control each of these requirements to deliver the level of performance that our customer needs

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Bus bars

Advantages and benefits of bus bars

  • Different manufacturing technologies to meet your requirements: precision stamping, bending or CNC Multi-Slide forming
  • Our group is in good financial health, key to being able to guide your company in new challenges
  • Our RPK Technological Center is equipped with the latest control equipment to test the requirements


The choice of the right material, surface treatment and coating are critical for the final quality and safety of the product. From stainless steels to the most specific materials bought in from the best suppliers. 

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel  
  • Elgiloy 
  • Hastelloy 
  • Chrome silicon
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Other materials according to your special requirements

Industries / Applications

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Get the most out of our expertise

Our engineers work alongside our customers to find the best solution for them, applying scientific methods and knowledge accumulated over almost 50 years.


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