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Key facts of working with Contract Manufacturers in the medical device sector

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By Irakusne Incierte (Business Development Manager Medical Devices RPK México)

Contract manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceuticals is a market that continues to grow exponentially, and large companies are relying on outsourcing their products to achieve better results.RPK Group can help you supply precision metal components and subassemblies local-to-local from our manufacturing plants with ISO 7 clean rooms in Spain, China, and Mexico.

The following topics are relevant to this:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical device OEMs are leveraging contract manufacturers beyond sourcing and assembly management and are increasing their capabilities through strict quality controls and process sophistication to transform ideas into products
  • They favor the reduction of product time-to-market by accelerating the product design cycle
  • Savings are generated in the supply chain and hiring highly qualified profiles
  • The CMs collaborate in facilitating compliance with country regulations for faster approvals
  • Leaving product development in the hands of contract manufacturers allows them to focus on marketing, branding, and the viability of the final products
  • COVID-19 and other disruptions in the supply chain that have happened recently, encourage OEMs to consider supplier diversification, so as not to have a single CM or not to have the supply chain concentrated in a single region of the world

In conclusion, outsourcing medical devices and pharmaceuticals is key to OEMs' strategy in the increasing and competitive healthcare solutions manufacturing sector.

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