RPK Group at Eurobike Frankfurt 2024

RPK Group Showcases Innovations at Eurobike 2024

Our colleagues Álvaro García, Iñigo Fernández de la Peña and Jon de la Presa were in Frankfurt last week for Eurobike.


Last week, RPK Group had the privilege of participating in Eurobike 2024, the premier event for the global cycling industry, held in Frankfurt, Germany. Eurobike 2024 provided an invaluable opportunity for networking and collaboration. We engaged with a wide range of experts, gaining insights into the cycling industry's latest trends and future directions. 

One of the highlights of our presence at Eurobike was demonstrating our customizable solutions in springs and stamping & bending for the bike sector. We showcased how our components and systems can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different cyclists and applications. The flexibility and personalization options we offer were highly appreciated by manufacturers and retailers looking for custom solutions.

Eurobike 2024
Wave Spring for bikes

Wave Springs and bike applications

A standout solution that captured significant attention was our application of wave springs in specific cycling components. This innovative approach offers several advantages over traditional compression or conical springs, including space and weight reduction, ensuring 100% axial load transmission, greater surface contact, reduced non-axial forces, and enhanced fatigue resistance as demonstrated by RPK Group.

As we move forward, we remain committed to driving the future of cycling with our innovative solutions. We thank everyone who hosted us and shared their insights and experiences with us. We are excited about the potential partnerships and projects that will emerge from this incredible event.

Springs Applications in Bikes:

  • Drive Unit: Compression springs & wave springs
  • Battery: Contact springs
  • Throttle Return & Clutch: Wave springs & washers
  • Pedal & Pedal Assist Sensor: Torsion springs & compression springs
  • Derailleur: Tension springs, wave springs & washers
  • Suspension Forks: Compression, wave & torsion springs
  • Brake System: Tension springs & torsion springs
  • Saddle & Seatpost: Wire forms & compression springs
  • Wheels & Hubs: Compression & wave springs

Engineering Excellence for Your Bike:

  • Lightweight Components: Enhance agility and maneuverability, making it easier for riders to perform to their fullest potential.
  • Durability Solutions: Designed to withstand daily use, even in challenging conditions.
  • Dynamic Performance: Achieved through extensive R&D in materials and processes.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Ensured in harsh conditions, including shock and vibration, and humid environments.
RPK Group and cycling

RPK Group: Passion for Cycling

From our origins, RPK Group has maintained a deep connection to our roots and the cycling legacy of Euskadi. The Basque Country, renowned for its cycling fervor, has inspired us to integrate tradition into our ethos. This commitment is visible in our omnipresent cycling apparel gracing the Basque roads, our cyclotourism excursions, the sponsoring of the UCI Trials World Youth Games, and our enthusiastic support for the 2023 Tour de France Grand Depart in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Recently, we have shown unwavering support for young female cyclocross enthusiasts in our province by fostering a community that supports their passion and achievements.

RPK Group is excited about the future and looks forward to continuing to innovate and contribute to the cycling industry.

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