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Enhance your application’s performance with Bus Bar prototyping

Creating the perfect bus bar: from engineering and prototyping to serial production.


Prototypes play a crucial role in the design and development process of a bus bar. They allow for visualization and validation of ideas before mass production, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined approach. At RPK Group, our engineers work closely with yours to design, test, and manufacture high-quality bus bars, from initial prototypes to full-scale production.


Benefits of developing, prototyping, and manufacturing bus bars with RPK Group:

Bus Bars for Electric Vehicles RPK Group

Validation of serial manufacturing technology through prototyping:

  • Our expertise extends to various manufacturing techniques, including stamping, bending and CNC Multi-Slide forming, laser welding, insert placement, laser brazing pads, vibration, assembly, and coating
  • Prototypes are a valuable testing ground for validating these manufacturing methods, ensuring a seamless transition to serial production
RPK Group bus bars

Dynamic time-to-market response:

  • We maintain a quick-response mindset, making us an ideal partner for engineering development and seamless progression to mass production
  • Our existing production capabilities are adapted for prototyping, allowing us to accelerate the time to market for your bus bar solutions
RPK Group Bus Bars for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Technical validation with state-of-the-art measurement tools:

Our advanced measurement tools enable fine-tuning of designs even before full-scale production begins:

  • 2D and 3D geometry measurement: precise measurements ensure optimal fit and performance
  • Static and dynamic thermal testing: prototypes undergo rigorous thermal assessments
  • Mechanical testing (push out and torque out): we evaluate mechanical strength and durability
  • Electrical testing (insulation, conductivity, and Kelvin contact resistance): prototypes are thoroughly tested for electrical performance
  • Comprehensive test reports accompany each piece, providing valuable insights for clients

Bus bar applications in hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Battery Management System (BMS), DC-DC Converter, Inverter, Connectors

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