Quad Clip four function brake solution

Case study: Quad Clip Challenge, a reverse engineering success in brake system innovation

Discover the exceptional skill of RPK Group in designing a revolutionary four-function brake solution in free-state mode


By Danel Montero, Product Manager at RPK Group, and Iker Ibisate, Product Engineer at RPK Technological Center

Decades of development in brake system technology have made RPK Group a partner of choice for global leaders in the automotive industry. Experience unparalleled efficiency and safety with RPK Group's cutting-edge technology. You can trust RPK's expertise to provide you with the best brake system products tailored to your needs.

RPK Group Automotive Brake Systems Quad Clip

The Challenge

This time, RPK Group was assigned a reverse engineering task. The final function of the product was well known to us. We knew that the target product had to perform four different functions at the same time. Complex mounted design had successfully been accomplished by the client and now the challenge was to design the clip in free-state mode. 

Quadclip Brake Solution


FEM/FEA Analysis

The base model, a loads diagram, and boundary conditions definition are everything our engineers needed to launch the simulations. Our experience in dozens of brake systems projects helped us to optimize the angles of the bent areas and confirm optimal thickness.


Once dimensions were defined, we had to manufacture the tooling and adapt the facilities for an anti-friction organic coating. Together with our partners, we designed a Bihler tooling and in-house line to apply a VT600 coating.

The RPK Group has demonstrated its expertise and innovative approach by delivering a unique solution to one of the largest and most prestigious brake system manufacturers in the market. This success reinforces our position as leaders in engineering excellence and our ability to transform our design ideas into manufacturing reality.

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